13 February 2018

Transcom in partnership with Creative Virtual to offer virtual agent and chatbot solutions

Transcom and Creative Virtual have entered into a partnership for virtual agent and chatbot solutions in the artificial intelligence domain. The partnership will enable Transcom to offer its clients Creative Virtual’s complete suite of products, with Transcom taking the responsibility of designing, building, testing, deploying and maintaining a virtual agent solution for the client.

“The rapid development of artificial intelligence is changing business models. Virtual agent and chatbot solutions are becoming increasingly relevant in the customer service space. Transcom is embracing this change and investing in innovating the service offering. The addition of a virtual agent solution allows Transcom to further support the digital transformation journey of our clients, not only keeping cost down but also improving the customer experience”, says Philip Sköld, Chief Commercial Officer at Transcom.

By implementing virtual agents, either as a support for call center agents or as a standalone chatbot, companies can increase both availability and quality in handling customer service requests while keeping costs down.

“This partnership combines Transcom’s deep understanding of the customer service space and what it takes to deliver a world class customer experience with Creative Virtual’s excellent digital self-service technology platform”, says Philip Sköld.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with Transcom, combining the industry expertise of our teams to assist companies with their digital transformation initiatives. With properly implemented virtual agents and chatbots, organizations can move the focus in their contact centers from trying to retain knowledge to building better relationships with customers,” says Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO at Creative Virtual.