16 September 2019

Transcom unveils global innovation hub T:Labs

Reinventing customer care through high tech innovation

To meet the demands of a fast moving industry and be at the forefront of innovation to help our clients grow, Transcom is now announcing T:Labs, a cross functional and global innovation hub. T:Labs will capture and explore ideas through creative collaboration with employees, clients and partners. The best ideas will be explored using a structured process for experimentation and proof-of-value pilots. Key learnings will feed straight into the product and service development process and where possible be shared back to clients, employees and partners.

“We believe in challenging the norm, going beyond the known, changing perceptions and transforming ideas into actions to create Smarter People Experiences for our employees, clients and clients’ customers,'' says Stefan Berg, CTO, and continues: “The world of customer services is going through major changes as a result of digitization of services, and our clients turn to us for partnership on their digitalization journey. Our goal has always been to help our clients reach their goals to grow their business with happy customers, and we believe an approach where we can drive rapid innovation and experimentation with them is key.”

During the spring of 2019, Transcom piloted a new way to crowdsource ideas for new innovations through a global innovation competition open to all Transcom employees. The most interesting ideas are already in an experimental stage in the T:Labs process, validating their viability and expected value.

To support the democratization of innovation, T:Labs simultaneously unveils their microsite where learnings and innovations will be shared to help the industry at large. Learn more at https://tlabs.transcom.com/.