21 June 2023

Real-time text translation for customer service.

Real-time text translation for customer service

Customer service is all about convenience. Whether it’s a question, a complaint, or just an inquiry, customers expect their needs to be addressed promptly and accurately. This is where real-time text translation can come in handy. With the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence, businesses can now provide customers with near-instantaneous translations of messages and inquiries in any language. Here’s how real-time text translation for customer service can revolutionize the way you do business.

What is real-time text translation?

It’s a simple concept that’s complex to develop but which can lead to huge benefits in doing business. The point is that, as the name suggests, you can have real-time accurate translation of text from any language to any language.

Why is real-time text translation important?

A system or tool that allows this has long been the dream. To allow for communication or just general translation to anyone. Google has been implementing it along with OCR (optical character recognition) to make reading signs in a foreign language easier and to eliminate the need to ask locals for translations. The issue is that it’s fairly limited in what it can do. The thing that Google has focused on is short isolated text that has simple or no grammatical structure. 

Text is becoming increasingly important in the customer service industry because customers are opting more and more to use text channels instead of voice because it takes up less of their active time and leaves them free to do something else while waiting for a response or their problem to be solved, and it leaves less room for misunderstanding. 

If businesses are able to implement real-time text translation tools that can recognize and accurately translate more complex text, that would be a game-changing breakthrough in the industry. Especially when applied to real-time text translation in customer service where speed and accuracy are king due to customers expecting their problems to be solved well and solved fast. 

If that sounds great then the news that Transcom has the solution will sound even better. 

How does Transcom do it?

Easily translate messages in up to 99 languages.

We have developed Automated Translation, a real-time, AI-powered solution. A powerful, easy to use, full-size tool to solve any and all translation problems.

We have created this solution from the ground up using AI to create a tool that recognizes patterns and idioms to create a natural translation. The goal here is empowering agents, not replacing them. Giving agents a tool to increase their performance and productivity, and giving businesses the ability to offer 24/7 accurate, fast, and reliable customer support due to the fact that you can hire anywhere to provide support in any language, at any time.

The example illustrates how easy it is to use Automated Translation because it seamlessly integrates into the agent workflow. It does complicate the workflow by two clicks but overall greatly reduces the time needed for responses. This is thanks to the fact that agents can focus on using their expertise on helping the customer instead of worrying if they’re going to be understood.


In conclusion.

Real-time text translation in customer service is gaining on importance as more and more customers opt for text based channels of communication. This means that accurate translations are becoming key in establishing 24/7 customer support in any language possible. That’s why Transcom has developed Automated Translation, offering extremely accurate text translations and more. To see more benefits that it offers and schedule a demo take a look at our product page.