12 April 2024

Transcom Chats about setting up a site. - with Ahmed Gamaleldin

Transcom Chats about setting up a site - with Ahmed Gamaleldin


‘Transcom Chats’ is a series of interviews with Transcom staff on things and topics we’re passionate about. The aim is to bring forward, talk to, and highlight the people that make Transcom the brand you know and love.

Today’s guest is Ahmed Gamaleldin, our Regional Managing Director for Egypt. We’ll be talking about what it took to establish a site in the past, what makes Cairo special today, and what the future holds for Cario, as well as CX in general.


  • Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what you do at Transcom.

I’m Ahmed Gamaleldin, Egyptian & Dutch citizen, Transcom Managing Director for Egypt & UK. I have 15 years of experience within the EMEA region. I'm also the former CFO for the Benelux and Central Europe region. During this journey between Europe, Middle East and Africa, I learnt the meaning of customer experience and building bridges between the cultures and speaking the same languages - that is why I joined Transcom back in 2019 as Transcom is focusing on customer experience, quality and excellence.

  • Why was Cairo chosen to be Transcom’s site in Egypt?

Cairo's metro area is the second-largest in Africa and the sixth-largest worldwide! Imagine a bustling city of 30 million people, where 80% of the workforce speaks a foreign language. Not only that but the sheer number of universities provide a highly educated workforce as well. All of this positions Cairo as unique in the business world.

Cairo's growth isn't just about numbers.The Egyptian government actively supports the city's booming tech sector through the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA). This agency is key in fueling innovation and making Cairo a major player in the IT world.

  • What does it take to set up a site like that?

It takes a lot of planning through many hours of due diligence, many resources through solid networking over the years, and a strong team behind me to help execute all milestones on time. This journey began with a simple idea, but transforming that idea into reality demanded tireless research, strategic connections, and unwavering support from those who believed in the project's potential. I think it goes to show the determination that Transcom has when it comes to things we know would be a benefit to us and clients. 

  • What would you say are the biggest strengths that Transcom shows in processes like these?

Teamwork and accountability for sure. Every player in the team has a role to play and sharing the scope accordingly makes all the difference! Bridging different cultures together to optimize performance delivery is the goal and identifying those from all walks of life to cater to the ever expanding demand and pace.

  • We all know that Transcom is a tech-forward company. Any exciting tech that the Cairo site uses?

We have implemented an AI solution called Automated Translation with Parloa for our biggest clients. Parloa has been an excellent partner in showcasing translation possibilities and as a result another 3 clients are very keen to explore AI solutions for over 20 languages. Because of Co-pilot solutions like this, where we enhance agent strengths, the future is exciting to say the least.

Cairo group picture

  • Tell us a bit more about Automated Translation? Why are you excited about it?

This AI-powered technology breaks down language barriers, allowing agents to communicate seamlessly with customers in any language. This expands your global reach, improves efficiency, and boosts customer satisfaction.

The beauty of Automated Translation is its flexibility. It learns and improves over time, adapts to your brand voice, and integrates with your existing systems. The goal is simple: to empower agents to offer world-class customer service, regardless of language.

In short, it pushes sites with quality agents to the forefront so there’s no reason not to get excited about it. 

  • How do you see CX evolving in the MENA region within the next few years?

With such a diverse, multilingual talent pool and abundance of languages, I envision CX in Cairo evolving to a new level of excellence. Businesses can tap into this expertise to provide world-class services across a wide range of languages. The annual influx of over 500,000 graduates injects fresh knowledge and limitless potential, ensuring a future where exceptional customer service knows no linguistic bounds.

  • And more specifically, how do you see the future of the Cairo site?

I can see the Cairo site flourishing with cutting-edge technology and equipment, further solidifying its reputation for operational excellence. This growth, fueled by top-tier performance according to our KPIs, will attract new clients and opportunities. However, true success lies in the balance between satisfied clients and a thriving workforce. Prioritizing people and their well-being is the foundation for consistently delivering exceptional results across every aspect of our operation, and that’s something that we have actively worked on and will continue to work on.

  • Any parting words?

The energy and potential here in Cairo are undeniable. The future starts here in Cairo, with its vibrant talent, commitment to excellence, and focus on the human touch. Let's embrace the possibilities ahead and work together to shape a future where exceptional experiences are the norm.

Thanks for reading!

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