19 January 2024

Transcom partners with SiloAI to bring you the future of CX.

Transcom partners with SiloAI to bring you the future of CX.

Transcom is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Silo AI, one of Europe’s largest private AI labs. The partnership aims to reshape CX by leveraging SiloGen, SiloAI’s product arm fully dedicated to extracting the best that generative AI and LLMs have to offer, in order to build a bespoke LLM for CX. 

“At Transcom, we believe AI will revolutionize our industry. With this partnership, we’re on the barricades, able to provide a superhuman customer experience. We’ve been offering AI solutions for a long time, but with Silo AI’s game changing platform, we’ll make life easier for our agents, our clients, and their customers alike”, says Jonas Dahlberg, President & CEO, Transcom.

Generative AI is highly disruptive and full of possibilities, and CX is at the forefront of that revolution. We’ve all seen what can be done with different generative AI. Amazing outputs of text, art, video - but we firmly believe that’s just scratching the surface, and we want to be the ones to dig deeper. However, there are some challenges to using generalized LLMs for specialized tasks. They contain vast quantities of data, true, but they are not trained in specific CX use cases. With those tons of data come other issues to bear in mind like AI hallucinations, factually incorrect outputs, cost of compute, etc. We want to change that. 

How? By taking a truly innovative and groundbreaking approach, partnering up with SiloAI, and turning a swiss army knife into a scalpel.

In layman’s terms, building a specialized LLM means that we can have specific knowledge inputs to train AI specializing in CX. Combining that with client-based knowledge bases creates AI that is trained by specific messaging, brands, and resources. This industry-specific data leads to real-time changes and adjustments, creating a cost-efficient environment with a tool honed to our clients' specific needs instead of relying on bloated and ineffective LLMs and AI. This boils down to LLMs that are relevant, and personalized to each and every unique customer.

If you liked our solutions before, this is great news, because they will only get better. This means that our LLM will be the specialized, laser-focused “brain” to drive our AI products in order to give our clients the right tool to be their brilliant selves. 

“We’re honored to be a trusted partner for Transcom in their endeavor to provide the best possible customer experience for their clients. Our values in terms of building human-centric technologies align perfectly and provide a foundation for a successful collaboration. Customer experience is such an important differentiator for companies, and we see tremendous potential for leveraging language models in order to help for instance customer service agents find the correct information in a timely manner to satisfy their customers. I believe the custom service LLM that we are building together will lead the way for many companies to follow” says Peter Sarlin, CEO and co-founder of Silo AI and SiloGen.

What does this mean for us? In one word: flexibility. The flexibility to experiment and to stay at the top of innovation and to spearhead the new page in the history of CX. That same flexibility will allow us to operate at a new level of efficiency leading to lower costs. Last, but certainly not least, the flexibility to experiment and innovate will lead to taking CX to the next level and revolutionize how CX is done with the help of AI and LLMs by taking advantage of its full potential.

As for our clients, they’ll reap all the benefits that we do, but viewed through a different prism. While we have the freedom to innovate, they now enjoy better CX through bespoke, tailor-made solutions that adapt and learn, meaning that their CX fits them better and is improved in any way imaginable. As we all know, efficiency brings cost savings. By investing in and implementing specific, laser-precise solutions, the clients will see better returns for less cost. They get the Transcom they know and love - big enough to make an impact, but small enough to care - and now equipped with all new toys. That’s why we’re thrilled that the LLM for CX will be available in the first quarter of 2024

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