24 June 2021

Brilliant energy provider cuts cost with automation


A European energy provider approached us with a request to provide a 24/7 commitment environment and provide customer service support when there is an internet or telephony outage during the nights and weekends.

The challenge

As the client decided to have a publicly available telephone number on the website, the majority of calls were billing questions from private customers which needed to be handled during the day, rather than calls regarding service emergencies from entitled clients.

When outages occurred, up to 50 calls could come in within 15 minutes, overloading the staff and resulting in long waiting times for customers.


Transcom’s solution

We supported the client by managing 24/7 customer service cost-competitively with a complex IVR solution.


Step 1: Develop an IVR solution

Step 2: Power it with AI

Step 3: Automatically split calls into two categories

Step 4: Unentitled customers queued for callback

Step 5: Troubleshooting for entitled business customers


The outcome

The client was able to save ~€15K per month as they no longer had to staff agents overnight.

Employee satisfaction increased as the night shifts were notoriously difficult for the staff.

Customers would be immediately served during an outage, as the IVR could handle up to a thousand requests at a time, dramatically decreasing the time to answer. 

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