25 June 2021

Cost Reduction of 30% for a brilliant white goods company

As a result of various acquisitions and a decentralized model, the leading global manufacturer of white goods had 15 contact centers across 7 vendors. They approached Transcom with the objective of reducing both the number of suppliers and contact centers whilst harmonizing processes and procedures across 5 separate brands in 20 European markets.

The challenge

Working in a multi-country, multi-brand environment that had grown organically, with little strategic planning, the client had some unique challenges including: 

  1. Complex processes which differed per country and per brand
  2. Inconsistent performance across brands, sites, vendors and languages

Expensive cost to serve driven by a disparate decentralized contact center network

Country and brand managers were seeking to keep control of their own customer service

Unconsolidated systems and processes


Transcom’s solution

Transcom leveraged our leading position in EMEA to provide a multi-site solution across four different Polish, Portuguese and Hungarian locations in order to help the client cover all languages and consolidate their footprint.

We worked with the client to harmonize operations across geographies, languages, and brands with a competence center in Danzig acting as a hub, and spokes in three other locations. This setup allowed the client to:

  1. Have one single point of contact to manage the entire call center network with one vendor in the Danzig competence center

  2. Realize greater efficiencies by combining language queues across brands and lines of business

  3. Simplify processes across the entire estate, driving a consistent customer experience


The outcome

Transcom’s unique Nordic footprint of CX and KYC specialists allowed for: 

  1. A ramp-up from 30 to 260+ FTEs across 4 sites covering 20 markets

  2. Reduction in cost of 30% or 2 million EUR

  3. Increase in NPS to 4.5/5

  4. Increased conversion rate from 0% to 30%


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