25 June 2021

Fully automating the case assignment process for a brilliant telco

One of the largest cable and telecommunications providers in the US with a network of contact centers throughout the US, Mexico, and the Philippines, working with 15 different vendors, approached us with a request to help in reducing the amount of manual work done to assign cases to agents.

The challenge

As emails and other written communication came into the queue, they had to be manually assigned to agents who had the capacity and the right skills to answer those queries. Not only was this process inefficient, but the repetitive nature of the work for the 7 employees involved in the assignment of cases drove low employee satisfaction.


Transcom’s solution

We implemented a new solution with our technology partner, NICE, and fully automated the case assignment process.


The outcome

As a result of the automation of inbound email queue management, the seven agents who managed case assignments were transferred to much more important roles. This project reduced headcount by 10%.

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