22 June 2021

Growing fast with a brilliant credit card company

A fast-growing credit card company operating in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, and France approached us to help them scale customer support operations as they expanded to new geographies.


After having established trading operations in 2005, the client has rapidly expanded across Europe requiring multilingual support for the markets they serve.


Transcom’s solution

Transcom formed a team of ten agents that quickly grew to 350 FTEs and expanded to two onshore and two nearshore sites.

Step 1: We started operations for the client with ten agents

Step 2: A new office in Belgrade was opened in 2015

Step 3: Operations in Halle, Germany, started online in 2018

Step 4: We brought a new site in Zagreb into the network in 2019



Transcom is the sole provider of customer service for this client, which is a testament to the quality Transcom has delivered. The client has been able to scale their operations across Europe with one single strategic partner at their side, and we keep growing together.

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