28 June 2021

Growing the social media community for a brilliant online fashion brand

A global online membership fashion retailer that has been partnering with Transcom for a decade wanted to become more present and available on social media and offer new communication channels to their customers.

The challenge

The customer expectations when it comes to social media are different than those of voice, so it is of utmost importance to employ people with the right skills and understanding of social media environments. Additionally to that, any wrong move on these channels is publicly visible and can affect a brand’s reputation.


Transcom’s solution

The team implemented an existing set of technologies and made a plan with the following steps:


Step 1: Educating and training four agents from the team

Step 2: Increasing the presence on multiple social media platforms

Step 3: Setting up clear guidelines on working hours and communication



The outcome

Four years after the implementation, the client’s social media team grew to 30 members providing customer support in 7 languages with a response time no longer than15 minutes. The client saw a significant increase in brand awareness, CSAT, and improved reputation as the contact volume through social media channels keeps increasing over time. 




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