17 February 2023

Improving workforce attrition rate for a global mobility company.


The challenge.

We support one of the largest global mobility companies, offering vehicle for hire, micro-mobility, car-sharing, and food delivery services. They operate in over 400 cities across 45 countries in Europe, Africa, Western Asia, and Latin America. The company has 100 million customers globally and more than 2.5 million drivers use the company platform to offer rides.

Our client wanted to reduce the workforce attrition rate, retain skilled staff, and reduce the overall cost of service.

Our solution.

We approached the optimization of this client's operations from various angles, covering the entire customer journey and streamlining workforce management. For recruitment, we profiled applicants for personal empathy, B2 & C1 English conversational, written, and grammatical skills. Our Transcom University e-learning platform was customized to immerse agents in our client's brand and needs. 

By continually offering initiatives to improve our client's customer journey, we created a significant improvement in customer satisfaction levels whilst reducing operational costs.

Some of our other solutions included:

  • Scheduling Analyzing call patterns & service levels in each country across various lines of business.

  • Multi-skilling – Strategically offering English-speaking only agents across markets to increase efficiency. 

  • Sizing – Reviewing call patterns over 24 hours and introducing English-only services during low call periods.

  • Robotic Process Automation – Automating the refund process via a bot, offering a partial refund to customers. 

  • Chatbot – Streamlining the feedback process by offering a pre-filled form to customers via a bot.

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