25 June 2021

Increasing FCR by 43% with VR training for a brilliant telco

The leading European telco company partnered up with Transcom to provide a world-class customer experience, which includes getting the customers’ problems solved during the first interaction with an agent, as measured through FCR (first call resolution).

The challenge

Transcom had been delivering service to this client for the UK offshore, from our facilities in the Philippines. As most of Transcom’s agents had never lived or worked in the UK, they were unfamiliar with the process and experience of having a technical engineer visit their house to install a new line or fix a problem with an existing one. Customers often had questions about what to expect when the engineer arrives (e.g. what would they need to access, what the telephony/broadband jack looks like). Without firsthand knowledge, the agents were limited to what they learned in-classroom training.


Transcom’s solution

Step 1: Film and document engineer visits

Step 2: Map the customer journey

Step 3: Flag the critical points

Step 4: Create a VR training module

Step 5: Agents simulate customer experience


The outcome

Within days of implementing the VR training solution, the FCR increased by an astonishing 43%, from 22% to 65%. 


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