28 June 2021

Launching WhatsApp for a brilliant white goods company

One of the leading European white goods companies partnered with Transcom because they wanted to be the first among the competition to offer new effective channel experiences to customers in order to improve satisfaction rebates and measure how digital channels can impact the reduction of voice volumes.

The challenge

The client experienced high demand fluctuations with an M-shaped demand curve and needed an effective solution to manage volumes.


Transcom’s solution

Our team conducted an end-to-end process analysis, a customer journey mapping exercise, and developed new KPIs to measure performance, which resulted in a messaging solution:

  1. Creation of a Whatsapp function on the client’s website
  2. Creation of IVR deflection to let customers choose their preferred channels

Add to that, the teams were coached to use the WhatsApp function in the most efficient way, resulting in high adoption and new behaviors. The customers started taking photos to illustrate their issues - even without any push or marketing campaigns for the new channel.


The outcome

The client experienced impressive results as WhatsApp received a 4.5 NPS score, which was well above phone at 3.5, and the effectiveness of Whatsapp was three times bigger than the effectiveness of phone interactions.

Let's start something brilliant.