29 June 2021

Saving €500k per month for a brilliant telco

A leading European telco company partnered up with Transcom to provide a better customer experience and improve the escalation process to reduce cost.

The challenge

The client’s processes dictated that a customer can go through up to 4 levels of escalation, dealing with different teams and individuals for each step of the process. Not only was this setup very expensive and inefficient, but it also resulted in a very poor customer experience.


Transcom’s solution

Our team did a complete process analysis and a customer journey mapping exercise for the complaints process. This included:

Step 1: Reviewing all skills and training per team

Step 2: Taking inventory of tools access

Step 3: Complete review of the customer journey

Based on our process review, it was determined that the four teams could be consolidated into one in order to better serve the customers. After only one month our team cross-trained all of the agents to fully implement the end-to-end model.


The outcome

The escalation process improvement led to a 25% decrease in call transfers and the client was able to reduce the headcount from 750 to 350 agents saving 500K EUR per month. 

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