29 June 2021

Transcom is a strategic partner of a fast-growing cable provider

One of the largest US cable providers placed confidence in Transcom to improve customer experience by focusing on NPS, represented satisfaction, credits per call, AHT and conversion rates.

The challenge

After having exhausted contract negotiations, our client and another vendor decided to part ways, leaving a 400 FTE gap to fill in the network after their departure.

The client reached out to their existing contact center partner network, looking for someone to be able to ramp up capacity within a quarter.


Transcom’s solution

Transcom was the only vendor that was confident to commit to ramping up 250 FTEs within the requested time frame to secure a successful transition without service interruption.

Step 1: Committed to ramping up 250 FTEs 

Step 2: Transcom invested instead of the client

Step 3: Ensuring headcount commitments were met by assuring signing bonuses

Step 4: The launch of a third site in the Philippines


The outcome

Because of Transcom’s commitment, the client was able to transition from their old vendor without any service interruptions. Our team managed to ramp up on time and meet all quality commitments. As a result of this initiative, Transcom became a part of this client’s strategic suppliers group.

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