Agent Development Accelerator.

Slow and steady wins the race,
but fast and thorough is better.

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Get up to speed
with AI-accelerated training.

Acted out conversations are a must when training new call center agents. The issue there is that roleplay can only take you so far because agents can never get fully immersed in the process and the exercise itself. That's why we've made our agent development accelerator - ADA. An AI-powered tool with countless possible personas that are as true to life as can be.

An angry customer wanting a refund?
No problem.
A customer with no knowledge of your services?
No problem.
Somebody adamant they need a downgrade but open to an upsell?
You guessed it - no problem.

ADA's personas are nuanced and complex, offering the best possible training experience for your agents, preparing them for real-life situations. And, it doesn't stop there. ADA is also here to analyze calls, categorize them, and score them, showing exactly where improvement is needed.

Top of the class.

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Better training done faster.

When training new agents you used to have two options: do it fast or do it right. With ADA training new agents is not only significantly faster, but also more effective.

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Agents ready to stick around.

Attrition is one of, if not the greatest problem pestering the customer service industry. By using ADA to create a better agent experience you are making sure they're here for the long run.

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It always pays to be prepared.

Lower attrition, and shorter training times also lead to another benefit: lower costs. The reasoning is very simple. Agents sticking around and being able to get to work more quickly is money saved.

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A solution to make everyone happy.

A good agent experience and higher agent satisfaction means that they are more motivated and better prepared to do as well as possible. After all, happy agents produce satisfied customers.

A conversation with the future.

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We can’t wait to share ADA with the world, but until its release we have decided to host closed demos for the select few. You’ll get a guided experience of what ADA is, how it works, and all other ins and outs.

You might get to talk to Riley, our angry customer persona. Or, you might meet Janice who just doesn’t need all the bells and whistles that her current package provides. Some will talk to Bruce who is generally undecided but knows that he wants the best that you can offer. The possibilities are endless, even to the point of creating your own persona perfectly suited for your specific business.

Whether you talk to them or one of the other countless personas that ADA can simulate, we know you’ll be blown away by what we have in store. Contact us to get your company on the waitlist to have a true conversation with the future.

ADA. Agents-turned-experts, through the power of AI.

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