Integrated Real-time Interaction Solution.

Face-to-face CX without
leaving your home.

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Putting the show in show-and-tell.

Anyone who's ever worked in tech support will tell you that one of the biggest challenges when helping customers is the distance. You're here, they're there, and it would be so much easier to just show them, instead of trying to talk them through something complex. If you've ever had to phone tech support, you'll know that most of the time the customer wants the exact same thing.

IRIS is the most convenient way to give immediate and engaging help to your customers. With all of the functionality you could want - great quality, screen and video capture, transcripts, and summaries - wrapped up in a neat, fully integrated package.

Help your customers in every way without leaving your platform.

A sight for sore ears.

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Quality that's a sight better than the rest.

With amazing audio and video quality you can be sure that your agents are understood perfectly, and they can rest assured knowing that IRIS will only add to the experience, not take away from it.

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Great CX with the customer in view.

Don't force your agents or your customers to sit through endless conversations. IRIS gives them the option and flexibility to enter or leave recordings on the fly.

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Unobtrusive. Elegant. Hiding in plain sight.

There's a fear that new tech will make your job harder and your service worse. IRIS adds mere clicks to the agent workflow - it's convenient, fully integrated, and will seem a natural extension to your service.

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A view into the future.

We fully believe in sustainability in all things. That's why IRIS has full AI scalability for the future. This means that you'll never be left with an outdated relic, but with a solution that grows with you.

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Solutions at a glance.

The impact of the immediacy of video can't be overstated. Where once the customer had to send in images or video as proof and then wait for a response. Now they can hop on a 2 minute call.

The end to your challenges in sight.


Direct, honest communication has never been easier. If you work in an industry where trust is important, seeing the person you're talking to can increase the perception of honesty. Communication is 70% visual, after all.

Seeing is believing.

The customer will have an easier time verifying possible damages to products or, on the other hand, following tech support instructions. No more waiting for replies or for the technician to arrive.

End buying sight unseen.

Relieve agent’s pressure about having to explain everything perfectly several times, dealing with backlogs, or peak volumes. Send the screen recording to the customer so that they can deal with the issue at their own pace.

Have all eyes on you.

Is your industry highly visual? With IRIS you can open up possibilities for sales or upsells. Show your customers how good an accessory would go with the blouse they ordered.

IRIS. Your eyes on the market.

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Some of the brilliant brands we're behind.

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